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Working towards a complete Homoeopathic clinic. Treating various illness successfully in an efficient manner with the right kind of Homoeopathy, which is based on scientific rules/laws, similarly we treat according to our capacity, with minimum medicines as early as possible.

To Start Treatment

First take new case appointment in person or on phone…Ok! & to confirm your appointment call in the clinic.

Not possible to come on given date?

Don’t worry, we will arrange appointment as per our availability & your convenience; just inform us as early as possible.

New Appointment

About Clinic Why homoeopathy About Clinic

A system which has a very rational way of looking at patients & the diseases that they suffer from, that's Homoeopathy.

"Homoeopathy is slow & can't treat acute". - Is a misconception.

"Homoeopathy……. The Healthier Option".

Don’t treat a part of individual or only disease. Here we treat the patient making them completely healthy. It has a medicine for each individual & not a specific medicine for a disease, trying to remove the disease from its root cause, completely healing that person. So we require details regarding patients.

About Clinic Our Procedure About Clinic

First Case at Least 5- 6 Hours


Dear, at least sometimes we should give time for our health. Don’t you think so? It’s necessary for us to complete your case & dispensing medicines. As that day we need to ask detailed information and your nature also. This makes it easy to complete your case in detail with nature and complaint’s. We make sure that all this information is kept confidential.

Staying outside Mumbai??

Then at least 6-7 hours! Feeling irritated Na? Now, think a little … will you be able to come again & again for other small reasons…? No….. Then, for detailed information & guidance you will have to give that much time.

Report's old and new all at home?

Then don’t forget to bring them.

Who else can give patient’s information?

Do bring them along, so that they can help in giving your nature.

Want to ask about Dietary restrictions?

Don’t forget to take Instructions in written from compounder.

New Appointment

New Appointment

Next Visit

In homoeopathic treatment follow-up once a month usually. (More frequently in acute and serious cases)

Took prior follow-up appointment?

No……. so take 4 days before. Staying outside Mumbai or patient is serious then take it 4 week before.

Came without an appointment?

You will be well taken care of by consultants.

Consultant doctor's?

Consultant doctor's are those who are professionally qualified with years of practice behind them and having worked with Dr. Borkar for quite a number of years, and are very well equipped to handle variety of cases, also looking after the clinic in his absence.

Oh!!!!! Missed your turn???

Wait.. we send patients according to available number.

Hello! Any Problems or queries?

Talk to our assistant’s /consultant doctors. 022 - 24140416 /24140419

Want appointment?

Talk to our receptionist. Our Phone Numbers: 022 24170417.

Attention Please


Homoeopathic medicines are not to be touched……., use the cap of medicine container to transfer pills into the mouth, powder form should be placed directly under the tongue. Don’t eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after taking medicines. It’s beneficial to keep medicines away from sun light, humidity, strong odors.


Dietary Restrictions

Dietary Restrictions

Do we have to follow many restrictions with homoeopathic medicines?

This is not true… There are no specific dietary restrictions, Onion, garlic; pudina, etc. can be consumed as usual. Black coffee/ tea / Green tea, mint and menthol products are not to be taken.But certain restrictions may be given to certain patients depending on their medical condition and diagnosis.

Hello, along with homoeopathic treatment no other therapies & treatments to be taken?

Listen, only pay attention!!!

Will explain you all the things.To get maximum result out of Homoeopathic treatment then…Inform us about any other kind of treatment, and therapies like physiotherapy, acupressure, Acupuncture, reiki etc. that you may be going through and any vaccines of any kind taken or to be taken.

Any rash, pimples, eruptions on skin??

Not to use any application on skin like balm, medicated oil, lotion, ointment, antiseptic creams on any part of body.

Using anesthetic sprays/ointments, nasal drops & spray, ear & eye drops, mouthwash & gels?

Henceforth you will have to stop it; it won’t go along with homoeopathic medicines.

Do you have Acidity, cold, cough, constipation, loose motions?

Do not self–medicate for diarrheoa, acidity, cold cough or any other Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, Herbal medicines etc.

Want to prepone, post pone menses? Can we take medicines for it?

No. Preferably do not take pills to prepone and post pone menses.

Do you use, Medicated Herbal soaps, hand wash/sanitizers, shampoos, creams, aloe Vera gels (antidandruff, anti-hair fall etc...), deodorants & oils??

Then……. take care, not to use such products, instead of that use non medicated products.


Is it necessary? Want to look beautiful? By using cosmetics do we really look beautiful?

Is external beauty more important than your inner health and beauty?? .. Think about it… and if you think health is more important then avoid using below mentioned cosmetics during treatment, eg: Kajal Mehendi, Dye, Hair Color, Facial, Bleach, Face pack, Multani mitti, deodorant powders etc.

Got hurt? – not a major injury ? Which antiseptic to use??

Simply wash and dress with sterile gauze piece, don’t apply any antiseptic, medicated lotion or creams, apply plain coconut oil or plain powder.


Thank you

If you wish to recover fast then make sure you follow restrictions given above properly.

Issued in the interest of holistic treatment and care.

Your suggestions & complaints are always welcome and will definitely be attended to the best of our capacity. Put your complaints or suggestions in the drop box provided.

Wishing you the best of health.

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