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Dr. Prafull S. Borkar

A student of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, a legendary Homoeopath of the present times……… has been practising and serving patients from the last 24 years.

A Physician of the old style believes that only good work and appreciation from patients is the way to be popular and successful as a physician. He believes in giving his best in each and every case that comes to him. He makes his work do the talking.

He keeps treating patients to the best of his capacity relentlessly and has been doing it with the same sincerity and integrity for the past 24yrs and aims at continuing to do so till the very end.

He seriously believes that homoeopathy is the best system of medicine and is easily the healthier option compared to any other system of medicine.

He believes in team effort and believes that health of patients is so vital that it is not one man’s job and so he has built his own team over the years.


Dr. Shefali Borkar

Wife of Dr. Prafull Borkar, she is herself an intelligent and knowledgeable person who handles patients and also guides the Doctors and the Staff with her administrative capabilities.

Successfully practising since 15yrs at Dr. Borkar’s clinic in Dadar East, she is now the flag bearer of the clinic in dadar west. Practising independently in the west near Shivaji Park. She has her own patients besides the regular patients of the clinic, who find it cumbersome to commute from the west to the east.

She sees patients regularly between at Dr. Borkar’s Clinic between 11am - 1pm in the morning (Except. On Tuesdays & Thursday) & Tuesdays and Saturdays she practices at the Shivaji Park - Dadar (West) clinic, 6-8 pm, besides her morning timings at the Dadar (East) clinic.

Dr. Aarti Ajmera

A conscientious diligent person to the core is a visiting consultant physician at Dr.Borkar’s clinic since more than 6 years. She sees patients at the clinic on Friday mornings between 10 am 2.30 pm.

A physician with sound knowledge helps comfort the patients who soon find themselves at ease with her. Her long experience of 20 years also helps the junior doctors in the clinic with her expertise in managing the woes of the patients.

Dr. Sucheta Thakur

Dr. Sucheta Thakur joined Dr Borkar clinic fresh after her internship 12 years ago. She started as a assistant and now a senior consultant who looks after patients on daily basis at Dr Borkar clinic along with Dr Anila Khedekar.

Her persistence in learning has made her one of the most reliable consultants at Dr Borkar clinic who manages patients very well and patients also have developed a lot of faith in her. patients feel very comfortable talking to her and she guides them well in life style management as well.

Her years of experience at Dr Borkar clinic makes her one of the most respected persons at the clinic by both the patients and the assistant physicians. She also replies to queries of patients' emails.

Dr. Anila Khedekar

Dr Anila Khedekar is associated with Dr Borkar clinic for the last 7 years she started as a assistant and then followed up as a consultant. Now as a senior consultant teams up with Dr Sucheta Thakur to look after patients on a day to day basis.

Her diligent and down to earth nature is a big positive for patient management at the clinic. Patients also look forward to meeting her.

Dr Anila Khedekar also doubles up as the consultant in charge of Dr Borkar Semi-Charitable clinic. She looks after the multitude of not so affording patients by herself at the charitable clinic with the same dedication. Along with Dr.Sucheta Thakur she replies to patients’ queries via emails.

Dr. Aafrin Jagirdar

An astute observer, intelligence, diligence and hardwork are very few words to describe this young consultant at Dr Borkar clinic.

She goes to the core of the case both medically and homeopathically to find the best remedy for a given case.

She looks after patients with utmost care. She is one of the valuable additions at Dr Borkar’s clinic. She backs up dr.Sucheta and Dr.Anila very ably and has in a short time gained the confidence of many a patients at the clinic who look forward to talking to her.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav

Travelled all the way from Allhabad Uttar Pradesh to learn under Dr Prafull Borkar. Inspite of being from a different state he stuck around to learn and blossom as a intelligent physician with sound knowledge of both medicine and homeopathy.

His desire to learn, hardwork, keen observation & love for homeopathy and treating patients have made him an integral part of the whole setup at the clinic.


Dr. Varsha Nainani

Associated with Dr. Borkar’s Clinic for the last more than 7yrs. Dr. Varsha now single handedly manages patients at the Bandra clinic in the absence of Dr. Prafull Borkar who visits the clinic once every 15 days.

She manages and treats the patients and solves their problems very efficiently. She is an asset to the clinic and promises more and more in the future.

Patients feel safe and secure in her hands the most important thing that a patient needs.

Consultant Doctors At Shantikunj Semi Charitable Clinic

Dr. Nikhil Kambli

With over 14 years of experience in private practice Dr Nikhil Kambli has been associated with Dr Borkar clinic since 2005 to 2008 as a assistant and a visiting consultant since 2012.

He has been handling patients at Shantikunj Semi-charitable clinic since 2017 on Wednesdays and Thursday morning.

His experience and knowledge of medicine makes him a important addition to the clinic. Patients have a lot of faith in this senior and knowledgeable physician.

He also helps the younger breed of Doctors at the clinic by teaching them and guiding them whenever needed. A very resourceful person in short.

Dr. Gulab Jaiswar

A convert from practising Allopathy to Homoeopathy. Dr. Gulab Jaiswar functions as a physician at Shantikunj Charitable clinic in the evenings.

He has been groomed at the Dr.Borkar’s clinic where he has initially worked as assistant and now a visiting consultant at Dr Borkar semi-Charitable clinic.

His mild and quiet demeanour makes patients comfortable to talk to.

Dr. Minita Parmar

Worked as an assistant in 2013-2014 and recently joined in 2018 at Dr. Borkar's Clinic.

Her eagerness to do good work brought her back to the clinic in 2018.

Her keen desire to help patients with cheerful demeanour helps patients narrate their problems in an easy manner.

Assistant Doctors

Dr. Minakshi Bohara

The youngest doctor at the clinic – assists Dr. Borkar and the senior doctors at the clinic in taking cases and phone calls, on the way tries to learn as all others have done. She promises to be a good complete Homoeopathic Physician in the recent future.


Mrs. Gauri Chudnaik - Manager

With the increasing workload at the clinic – we obviously needed a Manager. A manager needs to be a person who knows the clinic working in and out. Who better than a person who is assicated with the clinic for the last 16yrs !!!

Mrs. Gauri Chudnaik fits the bill perfectly.

Mrs. Gauri Chudnaik is at the very core of operations of Dr Borkar's Clinic.

She looks after patient care, management, technical aspects of the clinic with utmost care. Her functions involve also co-ordinating with the other staff, assistants and consultants at dr borkar clinic.

A diligent and hard working individual who is very methodical in her approach. She is go to (wo)man at the clinic whenever there is a problem at any level. She is largely responsible for the smooth functioning of the clinic.

Ms. Yogita Chavan

Working at Dr. Borkar’s clinic for more than 8yrs… at a young age she is one of the senior most staff at the clinic . she works hand in hand with Mrs. Gauri and helps her in managing the clinic .

Ms. Yogita Chavan handles the reception along with day to day operations at both the Dr Borkar clinic. She looks after the appointments both new and follow ups. She is he contact person for appointment schedule.

She is efficient, easy to communicate, hardworking and has a lot of promise. After Mrs. Gauri she is the one who is ready to handle any responsibility given to her….right from making medicines to giving appointments.

Ms. Nikita Sakate

Associated with the clinic since the last 5 years she has evolved into an efficient receptionist. She along with Yogita handles the appointments scheduling.

Her quiet manner of working perfectly suits the job of attending to the queries of patients regarding appointments and fees.

Where Yogita manages the morning session she is responsible for the evening session. Trained by Mrs. Gauri and Yogita she is ready for higher responsibilities at the clinic.

Miss. Vanita Gholap & Miss. Manisha Chavan

The hands which make the medicines! Vanita and Manisha are the twosomes who are responsible for actually preparing the medicines at the clinic and dispensing t it to the patients.

They have been associated with the clinic for the last more than 5-6yrs……. And have been religiously doing the thankless job of preparing medicines day in and day out at the clinic. They also look after the courier medicines and see to it the medicines are dispatched on time to the needy patients.