We also provide online consultation, via skype / video call.

  • We have made a provision for patient’s who stay abroad also those who cannot come to clinic.
  • Mail us all the reports inadvance and accordingly history form we send to them.

The following suggestions &questions will the patient in giving such a description of his case the homoeopathic physician must have to prescribe intelligently . These Q&A should be read over till comprehended fully. Don’t guess at the meaning : there is nothing here suggested &no questions asked , but that is most important .The success of the prescription depends largely on your ability to describe your symptoms / complaints .


If you seriously intend to get alright then we require detailed information with illustrative examples from your life about all the things that you have mentioned – i.e. you need to back your answers with some reasoning or experiences or your reactions in various levels of your life e.g. if you say you are patient then you should back it up with why do you feel you are patient or if you say you control your anger then you need to elaborate with example as to what do you mean by that and how do you control it and what exactly triggers it.

Make your reply in full, giving all the particulars. Use your own language ; the language used in these pages is merely suggestive . State your case simply, in full, with reference only to facts in the case. Do not refer to Qs that do not refer to your case. No will have need to answer more than a small part of the Qs propounded , but every patient must carefully read every line & word & reply to everything that has any bearing on the case in hand . Do not repeat the Q in your letter, but merely state the fact in full . Pass by anything you do not comprehend. Consult the dictionary for any word you may not understand , so as to make sure of your statement .

The communications of patients will be held in the strictest privacy ; no one will ever learn of your private troubles or symptoms through the agency of your physician . Therefore be perfectly free in your statements.

While taking medicine use common sense in diet. Avoid everything you know to be hurtful , or of which you have doubt . Avoid [as far as possible] rich greasy food, cakes, pies, candies, strong tea , strong coffee & food or drink after which you feel uncomfortable.